Welcome to Wemie Sling!

My name is Ayuko Hiraoka. I own an apparel boutique for more than 30 years in Kyoto.
In 2005, I got a first grand child and wanted to buy a baby sling for my daughter
but I couldn't find anything good...
That's why I decided to create my own sling!

Wemie Sling cares for baby's safety first, but mother can also enjoy its
comfortable materials and stylish colors.

1) Organic Cotton
Wemie Sling uses organic cotton for all products.
It's safe and very soft for baby's skin.

2) Comfortable shoulder pad
The pad results from a perfect combination of width, length and thickness and is piled up with several layers of fabrics.

3) Safety and Security
Original O ring which is proved to resist up to 31kg. The inner side of the sling, in direct contact with baby, consists of two layers for better resistance and comfort. And all slings are covered by PL(Product Liability) insurance.

4) Made-to-order
We ask your height in order to create your own sling.

5) For papa as well
Wemie sling uses enough fabric to adjust the size to a taller person.

6) Very easy!
It's very easy and fast to wear the sling. If you need, you can also check the video
in our web site and learn how to.

We have a boutique in Kyoto, near to Ginkakuji Temple (known as Silver Temple).
It's open from Monday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm.
We also have a showroon in Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, you can check slings with our advisor.

For information and inquiries, please send an e-mail

We can read and answer both in English and French.

Let's wear Wemie Sling and go out with baby!

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